Copywriters, capitalize on your work with Human Easy Spinner!

1) Time savings
2) Ease of evolution
3) The little extras


1) Time savings

The more you use Human Easy Spinner, the more you capitalize on your work.

The dictionaries effectively grow to encompass more and more expressions. Articles are ready for spinning much more quickly because you have less text without equivalents. Eventually you will only need to manage the exceptions.

Once you get started with Human Easy Spinner, using the software quickly becomes second nature. You therefore lose less time on the latest modifications.

The interface is user-friendly enough for you to quickly grasp its features.


2) Ease of evolution

It is easy to add a paragraph and/or variations to a text.

In this sense, you can make several progressive exports for the same article.
You can easily generate more different texts than the possible number obtained with the initial article.

Future versions of Human Easy Spinner will introduce features to improve quality, practicality and relevance.

First of all, you will use Human Easy Spinner for your articles.

Secondly you will use it to compose your websites, press releases, diggs, pieces, cultural promotions or even discourse.


3) The little extras

The « collect » feature for an expression enables you to populate the equivalents with all the expressions related to this expression in all the dictionaries.

Basically, if this expression exists in a dictionary either as an expression or an equivalent, the expressions and their equivalents are assembled.

You then only have to delete those you do not want and add any missing expressions if applicable.

Importing and exporting dictionaries enables you to share dictionaries with other users to establish a larger library very quickly.

Are you a referencer or copywriter?
Human Easy Spinner will become one of your preferred tools to save you time.