Accessible software, one-off fee, no subscription

Do not depend on a system where everything stops when you stop controlling it...

- One-off fee of EUR 99 all taxes included (including VAT of 20%), for one workstation and one user, version 1

- No subscription, neither monthly nor annually

- Payment by PayPal (card or account)

Mac OSX and Windows version of the software available

- Unlimited test period; test version limited to 20 minutes per session.
.- Software does not need to be reinstalled after purchasing

- Light software, quick to master, easy to evaluate

- Les versions Mac et Windows sont disponibles


SEO human white hat content spinning software

Drafting web content in WYSIWYG mode without esoteric syntax

The horrendous syntax makes web content drafted with spin software illegible.
There is nothing like that here:
Everything is created in WYSIWYG mode.

Organizing editorial content, planning and flexibility of web articles

The structure of editorial content is very important.

The idea:
Why not imagine a quick and easy method of modifying this structure?

Thesaurus, dictionary, synonyms and expressions. How it works

Are the thesaurus, dictionary, synonyms and expressions 100% automatic?

Not entirely, but the logic involved opens up the unedited views.

How to write well, web copywriting in good English: exclusions

Automated processing may fill a text with incomprehensible content.
The exclusions enable you to adapt the sense of the words in relation to their context.

Google Panda: Avoiding duplicated content

Duplicated content can be combated with Google Panda.
A very reliable text comparison feature is integrated into the software…
enabling comparability both within the file and with your other texts!

Copywriters, capitalize on your work with Human Easy Spinner

The work you do on the dictionaries of an article is saved for future projects.
Storing this information makes menial tasks increasingly rare.


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