Drafting web content in WYSIWYG mode without esoteric syntax

1) The texts
2) The equivalents
3) The little extras


1) The texts

Human Easy Spinner enables you to compose your text in English without barbaric syntax (if you use the prescribed method from the start page of the online help).

You do not input all your equivalents at once to create an illegible text.

You compose your phrases and your paragraphs.
The chapter dedicated to organization of editorial content explains how to organize the texts.

Your initial texts are always accessible and easy to re-read.

In short, it is a tool made to be used by human beings to edit web content more quickly.


2) The equivalents

You can link three dictionaries to your project. One color in the text is associated with each of the dictionaries.

You simply need to select the content to review the equivalents in a text.
It then appears in the central area.

The words or groups of words already present in one of the dictionaries linked to the project are colored in accordance with the dictionary and the number of words in the expression.

You may add or exclude equivalents for these groups of words.

You may also select a group of words in the text and add them to the dictionary. You can thus assign equivalents to them.

The principle of the dictionaries is explained in the chapter dedicated to the thesauruses and dictionaries.

The groups of words, expressions and equivalents may comprise up to eight words, including commas which are counted as words, for more natural web copywriting.


3) The little extras

Rolling over a group of words enables you to see the equivalents associated with this group of words.

Underneath the text, an explanatory note tells you the number of possible combinations taking into account the initial text and the equivalents generated.

Another explanatory note tells you the potential similarity rate of the combinations: Good, bad or undecided for lack of elements of comparison.

Finally, the statistics of the text, such as its length, the number of sentences, the length of the phrases, the number of words, ease of reading or even the reading level, are provided.