Downloading a dictionary


We provide you with a first dictionary of synonyms in English.

However, be careful not to be content with synonyms: That is a dangerous game.

It is imperative that you:
– Vary the paragraphs
– Vary your turns of phrase
– Create possible replacements from fragments of sentences

By its nature, this very exhaustive dictionary (over 40,000 expressions with an average of 10 equivalents per expression) nonetheless serves you as a basis for collecting data.
We recommend, however, that you do not use this without checking.

Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that it does not contain any errors!

How to place a dictionary in the software:
– Download the file and upzip it (dico_base.txt)
– Launch the software
– Drag the file to the list in the panel at the top right of the main window in the software, where you see the list of dictionaries.
It is imported automatically (progress bar).