Managing dictionaries

The dictionaries

You can see here the list of dictionaries you have created.
You can work on a dictionary regardless of the open project.

The dictionaries toolbar

From left to right:

– Create a dictionary
– Clone the dictionary
– Copy the selected dictionary
– Paste a dictionary
– Export the selected dictionary
– Import a dictionary
– Uncheck all (exceptions)
– Check all (exceptions)
– Free information on the dictionary (You can include here any information you consider useful. For example, you can state the origin of the dictionary, whether you have shared it with another user, whether it is complete, whether you want to complete expressions, etc.)
– Permanently delete a dictionary and all its content
– Field to move quickly in the list.
– Clear the content of the filter

The criteria of a dictionary:

– Name
– Thesaurus
– Language
– Exception: You can choose to create dictionaries to protect certain words when generating the final text, for example a brand name which also has a homonym in the current language. In this case, check the box « exception » in the desired dictionary.

Typically, the dictionaries of exceptions have no reason to contain equivalents for their expressions.

Import format (UTF-8 required): First tabular line: name of the dictionary, language, thesaurus
Subsequent lines, one tabulated line per set of expression/equivalents.
1st element in the line: expression, subsequent elements in the line: equivalents