Search tool for synonyms via the web

Locate and integrate easily synonyms from online services.

Imagine that you know a website that allows you to find your synonyms.
You care not to scrap the results, as you are respectful of the conditions of use of these sites, which, more often, requires that you use in your browser.
That’s good.

We will show you how to meet these sites, but save time on the part of the work of integrating the results into the software.

Start with two examples in French (but adaptable to all languages):

Example 1:
There is for example the website:
Search for synonyms on this site, such as the French term « bien-être ».
On the results page of this site, you see the different proposals.

Then retrieve the URL from your browser:

Apparently the variables x and y are not necessarily useful.
Check it by changing the URL in your browser:
This also works.

Your search term is found after the character « = » in the URL.
So the URL that will interest us with this website is (note there):

Example 2:
On some sites, it is even simpler, for example the site
Go to the search page of synonyms:
Then run your search on the term « bien-être ».

Then, get the URL into your browser:être

Here, the search term is right at the end of the URL
So, the URL you will be put aside:

You copied these two URLs into a text file.

Let’s go to practice now:
In Human Easy Spinner now, sselect the term « bien-être » in your editor (we assumed that this term is in your text as you are looking for a synonym):
Then click the button to open the search window:

The search window opens and the expression field is already filled with the selection of your editor, check the first URL field and type a URL search, for example that of

Now click the button to start the search, your browser will open directly on the results page that interests us.
Select in the results page the one we are interested to, and copy it to the clipboard:

Now click the second tab « draft » and paste the contents of your clipboard in the field of draft:

Now click the button « Clean Draft » to put this in order:

If you are running multiple URLs, repeat the copy and paste for each results page, separating by a carriage return in the draft field the results of the different sites. Then finish by clicking button « Clean Draft » (duping, sorting with a result per line).

Then click the last tab « send to dictionary »:

You just have to uncheck the terms that do not suit you and choose the destination dictionary. That’s it!

Note 1: the dictionary is necessarily one of the dictionaries of the current project, to avoid errors.
Note 2: your URL for searching synonyms are stored in the software, you will not have to re-enter it each time.
Note 3: ensure that the terms of use of the sites you choose to find your synonyms allow the operations described above. You must ensure this authorization even for both sites given here as an example. These sites may also use conditions that evolve over time and each user is responsible for his actions when he’s done ;-).